Faith Hayman's Speaking Engagements (some with articles or slides)

Mental Illness and the Law

TLABC Young Lawyers – 2019

Disability Insurance - Principles and Trends

ABVE – American Board of Vocational Experts – 2016

Ethics and Disability Law

Vocational Rehabilitation Association of BC – 2016

Assessing Credibility and Mental Illness

Canadian Academy of Psychiatry and the Law – 2016

Disability Insurance Claims

BC Cancer Agency – 2016

Representing Vulnerable Clients

Trial Lawyers Association of BC (TLABC) – 2016

The Inside Scoop - Disability Claims

TLABC conference, 2015

Good Practices, Bad Faith

Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, 2015

Mental Health Law

Trinity Western University, 2014

Disability Claims

TLABC Women Lawyer’s Retreat, 2013

TLABC, 2011

Update on Mental Distress Claims

American Association of Justice, NYC, 2011

The New (Supreme Court Civil) Rules - One Year On

BC Continuing Legal Education conference, 2011

Commencing Proceedings and Motions Practice

TLABC conference, 2010

Supreme Court Civil Rules

TLABC conference, 2010

Disability Issues

G.F. Strong Rehab Centre, 2010

"Care of a Doctor" (in disability insurance policies)

Medical Legal Society of BC, 2009

Disability Claims Management and Litigation

Insight conference, 2008

Creative Advocacy in the 21st Century

Trial Lawyer Association of BC, 2008

Children and Medical Decisions

Stephan M. Salzberg Memorial Lecture – March, 2007
sponsored by the C&W Clinical Ethics Department

Ethical Issues with Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Pacific Coast Brain Injury Conference, 2007

Litigating Disability Insurance Bad Faith Claims

Insight Conference, Toronto, April 2006

TBI and the Duty to Mitigate

Pacific Coast Brain Injury Conference, 2005

All Roads Lead to Ottawa

TLABC conference, on disability issues, 2005

Duty to Pregnant Women

Continuing Legal Education, 2004
co-presentation with Maris McMillan

Magazine & Journal Articles

Diversity and Lawyer/Client Relationships

The Verdict, January 2017

Mental Illness and the Credibility Crucible

The Advocate, March 2016

Submission on the Use of Audiotapes During Independent Medical Examinations

The Verdict, December 2008 (issue 119)

Bad Faith in Disability Insurance Claims

The Litigator, June 2007

Doctor, I can’t work: Medical-legal issues in disability claims

BCMJ, Vol. 48, No. 3, April 2006, page(s) 128-131

Balancing medication with free choice

Canadian Disability, Spring 2004

Keays v. Honda: The good, the not great and the ugly

The Advocate, September 2008 (Vol. 66, part 5)

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