The Process

Normally, if you call us, we start with a short free phone call to determine if your legal problem is one we could help you with. If it sounds like it is, we’ll set up an initial consultation, also free, to explore your options in more detail.

After this meeting, if you decide to retain us, you’ll sign a fee agreement which is usually a contingency fee agreement (you only pay legal fees if we recover money for you) at a competitive rate and we’ll begin working for you.

Sometimes the matter can be resolved with simple negotiations. Often it will require starting a lawsuit. To get an idea of what the steps of a lawsuit are, click on the button below to learn more.

As much as is possible,
we help you regain your life.

Significant Personal Injury

If you’ve been seriously hurt in an automobile or other type of accident, you may be facing difficult potential losses – of your identity, of your ability to work or engage in activities you could before.  If you’ve sustained a brain injury, you may find it harder to concentrate, keep track of things, control your emotions and impulses, and complete tasks.

During this difficult time, we can help in a number of ways.  We can:

  • listen to you and identify your needs and goals:
  • negotiate for you to receive no-fault benefits for treatments and therapies or lost income;
  • work with you, your family and healthcare providers to support your rehab; and
  • advance your claims so that you’ll recover your personal and financial losses.

Be assured that we’ll listen to you
with caring and respect,
and only take on your case
if it’s one we feel we can truly help you with.

Disability and Other Insurance Claims

When a physical/mental/emotional condition makes it impossible to work, it’s often critical that your disability coverage carry you through this difficult time.  If the disability is likely permanent, ensuring your insurance company honours its long-term commitment is even more important.

Similarly, if your fire or other insurance claim is improperly denied, you need someone on your side to make sure that the insurance contract is enforced.

We can bring an action to recover benefits that you are owed. We’re on the forefront of advancing your right to be treated fairly and in good faith.

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